Monday, December 15, 2008

Mr ?

"The reason she left him Gideon Stone's estate is inconsequential. We no longer need him. Finish him."

"I do not care 'ow you do this. I have 70 Dwarves to freeze dry. Do you think I worry about your piffles? Get on with it. I want to hear no more about it until it is done."

"Yes... You heard correctly a new acid peel will be ready for mass marketing in January. It will wrinkle everyone who uses it and they will pay me huge sums for the anti-dote, ha ha ha. World domination of woman kind in within my grasp ha ha ha.
I have to go now. Bunty is calling and has prepared Angel cake for supper. I will ring again tomorrow. I want to hear how he..."


scarlet-blue said...

I suppose 'Angel Cake' could quite possibly be the name of a dwarf porn star...

Kate Lord Brown said...

Ha! A friend sent me a 'what's your porn star name' thing a month or two ago - KLB comes out as Kitten LaBouche.

I think there's also another way of doing it: first pet's name and the name of the place/street you grew up in. That is if anyone's short of some character names for the (wince) dwarves .... Angel Cake for tea??

scarlet-blue said...

Oops... I'm Daisy Ladds!!!!