Thursday, December 4, 2008

Art Class

“....In art class. I’ve found fifteen different variations on that portrait done by other amateur artists in the area. Admittedly Clive’s is a little surreal, but then dwarves have a tendency towards the surreal. I can’t lay any blame on Clive for Stone's death. This painting is evidence that he was in life drawing class. He was nowhere near the scene of the crime.”

“Why is this important? Why is it part of the will? I don’t understand” said Joe, looking deeper into the mysterious print of the painting.

“This painting was given to your mother as a gift. Until we saw this painting, we had no idea that Clive had any previous direct connection with your mother. Before her relationship with Stone, that is,” the Inspector said, still conscious of her feet hitting the objects around them occasionally.

“Are you now saying that Clive and my mother were involved with each other?” Joe asked fearing the worst for his mother’s mental state before her death.

“No, not at all. Your mother was involved with Stone, and that's it, as far as we are aware. No, I’m not saying it was even Clive that gifted the portrait to your mother. I mentioned your father earlier. It seems...”


Son of Incogneato said...

Great transition.
- 'but then dwarves have a tendency towards the surreal' - Love it. We're gonna get sued, but it's fun while it lasts . . .

Rowena said...

I'm going to have to do a whole new family tree. I'm having trouble keeping track.
And maybe a time line.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Wow you guys - I'm just catching up after a day of boring (£) writing and this story is leaping ahead. JES thank you for all the copying and pasting - Rowena your timelines/family trees are fabulous. If anyone wants to update anything let me know and I'll figure out how to paste them on the side.

As an aside - if you want to invite any other writers to join in go ahead - I sent an invite to Rowena's friend Squirrel but if you guys want more contributers just get them to email.

Reading on now ... x

Rowena said...

Oh good. you should read her short stories. She does short fiction. I thought she might enjoy this.