Friday, December 5, 2008

'I hate you ...' the Inspector glanced over her shoulder to check Joe was still busy at the bar. She clasped Violet's hand, pressed it briefly to her lips. She was trembling. 'No, no I don't. I love you Violet, I always have ... I was never looking at him. It was you, always you.'
Violet glanced slowly from Joe to the Inspector. 'What time do you get off?'
'Good.' She reached into the pocket of her trench coat, slipped a key across the table. 'You know where I'll be.'
'Violet, I ...'
'Shh ...' her eyes darkened.
'If anything happens to me ...'
'Don't be silly, why would anything happen to you?'
Joe was walking towards them now.
'Call this number,' the Inspector whispered as she pressed a folded piece of paper into Violet's palm ...


JES said...


I know y'all will think I'm kidding, but I've been a little nervous that except for Son (er, I think -- did I miss anybody?), I'm the only Y-chromosome-type person involved here. EXACTLY because Kate first mentioned the Mills and Boon angle -- like, No Sex Please, We're Neurotic.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Ha! JES did you not know that there is a whole M&B list which is (apparently) something Playboy would be proud of? Can't speak for the rest of the BL gang but we've got love, mystery, murder ... dwarves - I think M&B can rest easy, we're nowhere near formula romance. This whole thing is an experiment. Sex? What do you all think - any objections as long as it's not gratuitous and takes the story forward?

Admin question - do any of you want to invite other writers on board? There was a general invite on WKDN but if any of you want friends to join - any objections? Rowena's friend Squirrel has been sent an invite. Misssy - maybe we need Emma on board if things are getting steamy in Suffolk?!

scarlet-blue said...

Oh Blimey!

JES said...

P.S. Complete storyline updated, through this post of Kate's.

On the admin question, the only thing I'd suggest is capping the number at some level -- this could quickly get out of hand if we have "open registration." Looks like we've got 10 right now; maybe cap it at a dozen?

I noticed the logo specifies "2008." This implies that if the experiment is successful, a different bunch of 10 or 12 or whatever could make up a later round.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Well done JES - if anyone wants the whole story so far posted in one - or an intermission summarising story so far, plots to go forward, let me know!

We're at 12 writers already - I'll check but I don't think Squirrel has responded. This whole thing is for fun and relaxed so once we've tied up the story at the end of the month we can see if anyone wants to go on to Jan, change the rules, improve things.

All I can say is I think you're all amazing - this story never fails to surprise me (which has got to be great for anyone reading). x

Son of Incogneato said...

Sex = good. Gratuitous, takes story backwards, who cares? It's about the only thing we haven't indulged in yet.
Otherwise agreeing with JES on a top limit. Admittedly, the story is already on the verge of careening out of control. Too many authors and we are over the edge.

Rowena said...

I don't think we have to get out of control with this. Maybe we just have to reign ourselves in a bit.

Instead of tossing in a new element every post, we can try to work in the pieces that have already been introduced. God knows there's enough juice in here to fund three books.

It might be more difficult to tie the threads together than it is to throw in a new tangle. Plus it's fun to shock.

But if we agree to try to tie in at least one or two previous clues/storylines into our posts, then it won't be so unwieldy.

Are my control issues showing? I have felt that it was careening a bit.

Natasha said...

I like this ...the bad 70's soft porn music is playing in my head.

Kate, thanks for bring up the cap issue. I agree with a cap however I'd love to see if the folks you mentioned -Squirrel and Emma - join if they want to. I have a couple of folks who would like to play but waiting till January would work too.

With regard to Rowena's comment I think it would be good to weave some of the old clues into the story going forward...I just love all the twists that I wonder if there is a way to loop back around to a couple of clues that we all agree to resolve while still twisting through to the end..does that make sense? Should we, as a collective, choose a couple of clues we want to see resolved in the end and agree to work on them?

Misssy M said...

I agree with now starting to really deal with the plotlines/cues we've established- we've loose ends a go-go. I see we need to start adressing:

What's the deal with Joe's dad?
What's the deal with Violet's dad?
Who is trying to frighten Joe and why?
What is in that blasted box?
What did Joe's mother really get up to?
Why does everyone hate Joe and why does he not know about it?
What changed Violet form best friend to evil lesbian vamp?
Who will turn out to be on Joe's side?
What's the significance of the ring?
How nasty are we going to make Randy's death?

Misssy M said...

Oh and we really need to make that painting work- that could be a major link. I think. I've been dreaming about that painting.

Admittedly, I've also been dreaming about TV chef, Gordon
Ramsay, but that's my problem to sort out myself....

As for Emma- I'll ask her but we've had a wee development on our project, Kate, that we've got some work to do on, so she might be too busy with that. How's that for enigmatic?

Kate Lord Brown said...

Misssy - brilliant round up. I'll try and paste it as a text box on the side to prompt people's ideas.

Enigmatic AND exciting - ooooh! Emma has an invite out so fingers crossed she'll have time to pop in and give us the benefit of her experience.

Natasha said...

Missy this was perfect. Even as I started to read the entire story that JES had posted, I sometimes lost all the loose ends. Thanks for putting this together and Kate thank you for posting it. It's a great help when writing

Natasha said...

Oh and I agree about the painting...I still find myself thinking about I agree Missy