Monday, December 15, 2008

Joe was furious. He was horrified and he didn't know what to think.

What had he been thinking, coming "home?" He should have just come in, taken care of his business and disappeared again. Hadn't he learned over these last years that it was best to just BE the job. People always tore your heart out again and again.

He didn't know how long he had wandered over the fields and woods and village streets, searching his mind for some kind of sense in all of it, searching the town for answers.

There was no one here he could trust. When he thought about his mother, a muderess... he thought maybe there was no one here he ever could have trusted. He thought back to the drunken days, the days of neglect and grubbing around, trying to find family anywhere he could, and instead finding dwarves and lunkish sidekicks and the love of his life--

No! That bitch was not his love. She had betrayed him worse than anyone. A son, he thought. He had a son. And was he to start the same story over again? Abandoning the boy to the vagaries of his mother? Just another barmaid, twisted sexual tendencies and who knew what else.

He gasped. She hadn't aged a day since he left.

She was in on it!

And then he had a direction. A place to expend all his fury. He found himself at the McGilligan's door, not even pausing to knock. He slammed it open, his gun, out of instinct, comfortably in his grip.

There was Violet, gaping at him, mascara running down her face.

"Joe!" She said and


Kate Lord Brown said...

Ooh well done Rowena - Joe re-enters at just the right moment. This is shaping up to be family saga/epic romance (they love one another but can't be together because she's a lesbian member of the Dwarf Resistance and he's a screwed up lone wolf hetero ex special ops mercenary working for the other side ...)

Rowena said...

I have to admit, I didn't know where to take it. Didn't know how to move it forward or what she was to do.

When I get stuck, I like to read back what's been written, and that's when I realized Joe was not in the story anymore and that he did not know all the things we have just learned. He was still back in evil coven of dwarf murdering witches land.

And the hero enters, stage right.

scarlet-blue said...

Nice re-cap and welcome one!