Monday, December 29, 2008


As Violet's body slumped in Monsieur's arms, flames engulfed McGilligans. The dwarves ran for the exit, clambering over Randy's body. Joe watched in horror as his father transformed from a wild eyed drunk to a bloodthirsty vampire in his arms. The Captain swung her pistols in a slow arc around the bar, uncertain where to shoot first as the women turned, howling with blood lust, clawing their way towards the dark Master. The Captain needed Joe now. As she cocked her pistols he yelled 'No!' releasing his hold on his father. Bill leapt forward towards her with superhuman strength. The bullet caught him mid-air. Joe staggered to his feet as his father fell to the floor, turning to dust before his eyes.
Magdalena caught at his sleeve as she ran for the door. 'Come with us, there's a boat waiting' she said. 'Jack has the boy, you must save your son!'
'But Violet!' he cried.
'It's too late, boy. She was a half blood. Only dwarves are immune to the power of the dark mask.'
Joe's face crumpled. 'I don't understand ...'
'I'll explain later.' She took Joe's hand dragging him from the bar. 'Don't you see? She's sacrificed herself for her child. She always said she would if it came to it. The Captain and her troops will sort this lot out. Only we have the recipe, and only James has the ability to save the world from this ever happening again. We need you to protect us.'
Joe's crazed eyes flickered from Swotsy where she straddled some poor man by the bar, feeding hungrily, his limp body jerking beneath her. He took one last look at Sister Margaret who was on her knees praying by the pool table, fighting the blood lust with every ounce of her beautiful soul.

Violet's arms hung limp now, and Monsieur raised his face towards the Captain ...


Rowena said...

I still have that music going through my head. What is it, Der Fluegelhorn?

I joke, I joke, but it is still going in my head. Maybe it's the leftover eggnog I'm drinking.

Where did the fire come from? I mean, it has to be there, but how did it happen?

Kate Lord Brown said...

Carmina Burana! Where did the fire come from ... good question. It felt like we needed fire (did someone set it deliberately? did Kitten or Daisy drop their cigar on the way out the door?)