Monday, December 29, 2008

A Biological Anomaly

'Bog Unicorn,' by Ursula Vernon - click for more info

the blood of a bog unicorn."

"But I thought they were extinct!" This, from a tweed-jacketed bloke down the end of the bar who looked like he might know what he was talking about. He puffed authoritatively on a long clay pipe, as though for emphasis.

"Well now, old fellow," CJ said, his eyes twinkling, "maybe if you knew as much about dwarfish culture as you did about zoology you might not be so hasty to judge."

"Shut yer piehole, CJ!" said Daisy. "You've said enough for one evenin' and I don't care if you're back from the dead or just back from the loo."


JES said...

The tag end of Scarlet's previous post made this secret ingredient pop into my head. I tried not to make it too critical to the plot, by leaving this segment hanging in mid-air as it were.

(Have emailed this artist, whose work I'm crazy about, just to be sure there's no problem with including the image here -- may end up taking it down.)

scarlet-blue said...

Ahh, it's a lovely image... I don't want the bog-unicorn to be killed for everlasting beauty either....!

Rowena said...


Wow wow!

Love the bog unicorn.

Long live the bog unicorn!