Saturday, December 6, 2008

Father Donohoe,

the headmaster's office.

This was it. He knew. Father Donohoe hated him. The memory of the scene in Father Donohoe's office played out again in his head, the yelling, the recriminations, the oft heard, "You're just like your no-good wastrel of a father. A Sullivan is a Sullivan and will always be a Sullivan."

And just like that, only months before he graduated, Joe Sullivan had been kicked out of school Back then, Joe had thought that it was because Joe was a bad seed, like Father Donohoe had always told Joe.

But he'd learned a few things about the world, ever since he entered the army.

The world needed bad seeds.

He looked at the two women, so sure they had him figured out, thinking he was the same abandoned, neglected, studious and needy kid he was when he was last here, and said


Rowena said...

Yes, I gave Joe a last name.

That's Mr Sullivan, to you.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Or Sir?

He seems to be turning ...

Rowena said...

Kate, I have some more loose ends for you.

Who killed Gideon Stone? Do we know or is it unsolved?
What about the Northumberland estate?
What was the relationship between Swotsy Mondy and Alice?
What the hell is a Swotsy Mondy?
What has Joe been doing as a Special Ops and how does it tie in here?
If Jack was also Special Ops, what is he doing running a bar here?
Where is Violet's mother?
What is the relationship between Randy and Violet?
What secrets are Randy and Violet keeping?
What happened 16 years ago to make R and V bury the box?
Who knows that Clive was Joe's brother?
What is with CJ? How old is he? Why is he wanted for impersonating and officer?

For that matter, how old are all these people?
Joe left 7 years ago has a 6yo son, was kicked out of HS before graduating. If he left right away, then he would be only 24-26. That means 16 years ago when they buried the box they were only 8-10years old. Or did he kick around town for a few years before leaving? Which would raise the age they all were at burial of box.

Anybody else have any questions?

Rowena said...

Oh. Why does Father Donohoe hate Joe and Joe's father?
Why are there so many Irish people in this English town? Is that realistic?

scarlet-blue said...

Rowena, I wish we could use your comments as a post! What a muddle we have made.
No, I don't know how Suffolk transported itself to Ireland either. I wish we could turn this into a film, it would be a wonderful adventure.

Kate Lord Brown said...

OK - let's post these up on the sidebar. When people are writing their posts, bear these in mind.

It's not out of hand - anyone who has written a long piece of fiction knows at some point you feel like it's all getting out of control.

This is when it gets fun - this is when the story starts telling itself.

What we have here for the first time (ever?) is 10, 12+ experienced writers. At this point, relax have fun - we can edit, we can reign the story in.

Right now it is about getting this story down and having fun. It's an experiment - enjoy!

Son of Incogneato said...

It's muddle, but a wonderful muddle at that. I’m having a blast. A side-effect for me is that I feel more inspired with my own stuff. I also find it fascinating how our personalities are coming out, we have our own individual styles, yet we are bound by the constraints of writing together.
One thing I’m wondering about - will there be an editing process? How’s that going to work?

Last, but certainly not least – there must be a party when we’re finished. I suggest The Azores. That’s in the middle. Yeah, I guess my personality is really coming out now . . .