Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Recipe

Dear Diary

Really I’m probably wasting my time writing this down. Joe’s unlikely to ever need a recipe for a skin cream. But who knows? Maybe he’ll have children; my granddaughters. Ha! Ha! What a thought. Me, a granny! Anyway, granddaughters if you’re reading this, then my love to you. And enjoy making granny’s skin formula. I think it’s been a wonder. It would be unfair not to share it with you, my loves.

This is enough to do a week, applying both morning and night.


Willow bark- small shavings- a teaspoon full
Cow’s milk- a pint
Grapeseed oil- one teaspoon
Olive oil- half a teaspoon
Oats- half a cup
Demerara Sugar- 1 tablespoon
Garden Moss- a clump
Frogspawn- (freeze a healthy batch in spring to last the whole year)- 1 tablespoon or one ice cube worth
Garden Mint- three leaves

The next ingredient is very important but quite dangerous and difficult to find. I suggest....


At this point the page is roughly torn.....


Son of Incogneato said...

The wife would very much like to know that last secret, toxic ingredient, despite having seen the ‘after’ pictures of May. I’m just wondering where she thinks she’s going to find frogspawn (excellent word!) in the dead of an Osloian winter.

JES said...

LOVE the addition of an (excuse me, THE) actual recipe. We may need to insert a legal disclaimer at this point for naive readers -- like the "Professional Driver - Closed Course - Do Not Attempt" ones in TV ads. :)