Monday, December 29, 2008

swelled as the women turned on the Captain. 'I don't understand,' her eyes narrowed. 'In all the books when you kill the vampire that infected the rest, they all lose their powers ...' She cocked her bespoke Remington 870 Police Combat rifles and checked the magazine tubes. There was no way she had enough silver bullets left for all of them. Her hand shook slightly on the trigger. 'It wasn't him Joe, we've been tricked,' she yelled over her shoulder. He held her gaze for a moment, remembered that summer they had spent training in the desert together, the nights huddled close for warmth on the frozen sands beneath a sky of endless stars. 'Go,' she said. 'Find him ... or her ... find the one who started all this.'

'I can't leave you,' Joe broke off a chair leg and drove it through the back of Dilys from the bakery as she reached hungrily towards the Captain. She disintegrated just as one immaculate hand touched her arm.

'We've been in worse situations than this,' the Captain raised her chin, smiled briefly. 'Trust no one but the dwarves. Go with them, Joe, save the boy. You need to find the person who started all this.' Her eyes narrowed as the women closed in. 'Don't worry about me, I can handle this ...


Kate Lord Brown said...

Just couldn't let the blood frenzy abate ... yet :) So who's the real culprit?

JES said...

It is entertaining beyond words to go back and read the first installment in this story, and then this one, and try to connect the dots. (Maybe especially because Kate wrote them both.)

"Trust no one but the dwarves": another killer T-shirt slogan. Fox Mulder morphs into Gimli.

(Nice bit of firearms research there, Kate!)

Kate Lord Brown said...

Thank you JES - way out of my field with vampires and firearms ... good old Wiki. This whole month is entertaining ... began with visions of Brief Encounter (in my mind at least), and here we are with Tarantino/the Terminator.

Rowena said...

Holy Magoly! Who the heck is it?

How do we save our lovely ladies from themselves?

Who is left to kill? It's not Bill, he's dead. Is Alice really dead? Oh dear. Who, who who is it?

What if it's a dwarf? Father Donohoe? Magdalena? Where does all this start????

Rowena said...

Oh, and kate, no problem with the continuation of the blood frenzy. I left it open for a reason.

Good gun.

Kate Lord Brown said...

I was just looking back through ... here are the contenders I could see unless there's a late entry:

Roy (he of the hallucinogenic brownies at the hardware store)
Father Donohoe
Baby James

Of the girls Swotsy, Sister M, Magdalena are around (Bitsy, Wilma and Alice's deaths were never really explored ...) Alice's bizarre sister.
Violet was bitten ... but was it a double bluff?

I think we've established the dwarves are the good guys (as Rowena says - have we?) so Clive, CJ, Kitten and Daisy are out ...

Rowena said...

What about Manders, the assistant DI. And I think Bitsy's still around.

I thought maybe Charlie Sullivan, but Bill left Ireland when he died.

What about Ma Sullivan, though????

Bill left her behind.

scarlet-blue said...

Bunty? Sorry, no I AM kidding.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Bunty with a macaroon - very Cluedo?!

I'm signing off folks as I'm offline for a few days - this month has been a blast and I can't wait to see who did what to whom by New Year ...

Catch up in Jan - and thank you all for your generosity with your time, creativity and adventurous spirits. That we have a (virtually complete) novella in a month is beyond my hopes for this experiment in writing - well done all! Kate xxx

scarlet-blue said...

Nice one Kate! It's been great fun! I'm also out of the loop for a couple of days, so no Bunty then?!!!

And thanks to everyone for putting up with me!!I've really enjoyed the experience.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Putting up? Dear Scarlet as the sole Brits/Scots to the end we have been the jolly icing on the macaroons! Bring on the vamps, where are the dwarves, where is the Norwegian dark mask?

Happy new year all x

PS Rowena I just know Ma Sullivan is on your mind ???

JES said...

To the cast and especially the production crew of Burning Lines: you came along late in the year, but I certainly had our little project in mind when I wrote this. Thank you, all -- and here's to whatever '09 brings!

Misssy M said...

Hello Burning Liners

Apologies for not being around. Was in Paris. I swear to you all I saw a dwarf on the Metro and nearly screamed...but thought of you all tying p those loose ends. Haven't read how you've done it yet- saving that for this afternoon.

Sorry for not being involved in the last hurdle- blog holiday, computer holiday, actual holiday- much needed.

I'm seeing vampires, I'm seeing flamethrowers...oh I'm off to read it.

Happy New Year

Kate Lord Brown said...

Happy New Year All - so no one put the vamps to bed?!

What's the vote - are we going to wrap this up in a couple more posts? roll into next month? or leave the end hanging and start something new?

Rowena said...

We need to wrap this up. Maybe we can do some talking/commenting about it before we dig in for the last bit. We can't leave it like this.

I was around, more or less, but didn't really want to just finish it without anyone else. So I took my own vacation.

What are people interested in doing for the end of this? I don't think it will take too long if we focus.

Son of Incogneato said...

Sorry, I've been out of touch, much to much to do - trying now to re-enter the story where I left off.


p.s. - I feel like I've more or less lost my right to vote on the story's fate since I've been away so long.

Kate Lord Brown said...

I'm with Rowena - let's tie the loose ends up. I reckon we can sort everything out in a couple of scenes. The big questions:

1) who is really behind all this?
2) what will happen to Joe and James - escape with the dwarves to Europe on the boat?
3) what will happen to the cursed Black Mask/Creme de Nain recipe - destroyed .. or does it live on?
... and any others?

Welcome back Son - sure I speak for everyone when I say join in!

Rowena said...

I would also like to put forth that these don't have to be your stereotypical, traditional vampires.

In the first place, they're not the living dead. They never died, they just got "the hunger" from the mask. They weren't bitten to become vampires. They seem to be able to go out in the day time (although, am I mistaken or does all the action happen here in one night?) They ladies have also been trying to fight the hunger and get rid of it. So here they are now, the only one who seems to be able to resist is Sister Margaret. But maybe some can. I don't know.

We don't have to be confined to those old vampire stories unless we want to be.

Some other questions to ask... Has Joe been given the mask, too? What relationship does the Giantess have to this story? Who (of course) is the original vampire and what happens when we find her/him? Is Violet dead or just bitten? How involved is Jack in the vampire thing? He's special ops, and he's benefiting from the sale of creme de nain, but where do his loyalties lie and how much does he know? How does James end up saving the ladies from their hunger? Or does he? What about the bog unicorn?

For the Brits among us: where is Northumberland in relation to Suffolk? said...


Captain Smack said...

This is good, but I think the story needs more Captain.