Friday, December 5, 2008

loosened the belt around the trench coat she was wearing. Keeping her eyes locked on Joe's, she shrugged it off her shoulders. His breath caught, a tight ball in his throat and he licked his dry lips as she sashayed across the room like a slinky balanced on a jelly, dragging the coat in her wake. The red dress clung to every curve. She stopped at their table, tossed the coat onto the empty chair and glared at the Inspector.
'Well, well, Swotsy Mondy. Shouldn't you be doing your homework ..?'
The Inspector stared uncomfortably at the table, the colour rising in her cheeks. 'We're not at school any more Violet.'
'Might as well be. Nothing's changed has it? She was crazy about you even then Joe.'
'You never noticed me ...' she said quietly, glancing at Joe. 'All you ever saw was her.'
'I wonder why,' Violet leant on the table, her blonde hair swinging forward in a pale curtain. Joe's head swam as her red lips moved so close to his own.
'Where's the boy?'
'With Dad, he adores him,' Violet brushed her finger across her bottom lip. He was mesmerised, didn't hear the words, lost in his desire to kiss her. 'I said,' she repeated. 'What's a girl got to do to get a drink on her night off?'
'Oh, I'm sorry,' Joe stammered, knocking over his chair as he stood. Violet watched him walk to the bar. She calmly sat down and turned to the Inspector.
'He's going to find out ....

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