Friday, December 12, 2008

Swotsy and Violet

"Sister Margaret never changed, she never aged, she never looked anything less than perfect. And she still ran St. Mary's Of The Majestic Holy Lamb to this day...."
Randy could hear Violet and Swotsy talking loudly inside the house. He crept up to the window and could just make out Violet doing up the buttons on her blouse.
"...we've got to do this for Sister Margaret, we promised." Finished Violet.
"But... it would mean killing another dwarf...did, did you kill Clive Violet?"
"Oh for pity's sake, why does everyone keep asking me that. No. I didn't."
At this moment Randy slipped, he was shocked that Violet was so intimate with Swotsy. His whole world was blurring. Had Violet told Swotsy about him? Did Swotsy know his secrets?
"What was that? There's someone spying on us... again."
Violet peered out the window.
"Swots... it's Randy, he's hiding in a bush by the window. Have you got your gun?"
"Yes... but... I can't kill him Vi."
"Give the gun to me... he's got an ingredient that we need. Stop crying... remember this is for Sister Margaret."
Randy tried to get up, but he tripped over a dwarf... it was...


Kate Lord Brown said...

'Why you laughing?' asked the three year old. Who left a dwarf lying around?

Misssy M said...

Those pesky dwarves. If there's a Dwarf Protection Society, you can bet they are drafting a strongly worded(yet, short)letter right now!

scarlet-blue said...

What's really funny is that I'm only 4ft 11"!

Yes, the story has been lacking dwarfs lately. I think they're the key ingredient!

Misssy M said...

the "key ingredient", you say....interesting....Some might even say....the missing ingredient....? (Cue: pantomime laugh)

JES said...

Misssy: yeah -- wonder if Shadrach was a pygmy housecat? I mean, he did fit in the blender...

What a great scene. So glad you posted this, Scarlet. Besides dragging the little people back to center stage, it also re-introduces the sexual undercurrent that everyone has been oh so casually disregarding. :)

Son of Incogneato said...

Great post.
The Dwarf Anti-Defamation League is going to have all of our heads on platters. On the other hand – can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

Otherwise, here is an interesting link to the TDCA:
I kid you not; The Dwarf Cat Association. The possibilities are already boggling my mind.
However, the pressing question is; was Shadrach in fact a charter member of the TDCA . . .

JES said...

Jesus, Son -- did you look at the gallery at the DWCA site?!?

Those things are gonna make unsolicited appearances in my nightmares for weeks...