Monday, December 8, 2008

Admin: An Incomplete Time Line

32 years ago: Clive is born. Bill leaves Wilma.

Somewhere in here Bill goes to the village, meets Alice.

25 or so years ago: Joe, Violet, Randy are born.

16 years ago: Bill leaves Alice, returns to Wilma. Joe is 9, Clive is 16. Violet and Randy bury the box behind the Neptune Bar, Tea House and Bed and Breakfast. Alice starts drinking.

7 years ago: Joe is kicked out of HS. Violet Gets pregnant. Joe leaves the Village

One Week Ago: Alice found dead by Monica (Swotsy Mondy) Smith-Jones

Today: Joe returns. 6year old James. Clive is murdered


Kate Lord Brown said...

Well done Rowena - glad one of us is hanging onto the reins (loosely!)

The first night I'm not working I'm going to sit down and read this whole thing through. A week in and we've got ourselves a page turner ...

scarlet-blue said...

I think I've got my Alice and Wilma in a muddle.

JES said...

This is great, Rowena. Thanks for working so hard at keeping the beast under control. (I've completely forgiven you for failing to update the Who/Where post from eons ago. :)

Suggestion: When we have posts like this, which are housekeeping in nature rather than "story," on a going-forward basis let's preface the title with something like ADMIN -- e.g., "ADMIN: An Incomplete Time Line."

Also, I've noticed that Scarlet and lately Rowena have been making good use of Blogger "tags" (a.k.a. "labels"). (And I'm embarrassed I didn't think to do so myself.) This is a STUPENDOUS idea. If we all used them we could, for example, easily locate all posts which reference "Clive," or "McGilligan's," or "flashbacks," or whatever. Something to keep in mind as we go forward.

Currently, the labels in use are (numbers in parens are the number of posts so labeled):

# Bill (2)
# Blue Christmas (1)
# Clive (2)
# conversation (1)
# copse (1)
# Dead (1)
# Elvis (1)
# Impersonator (1)
# Inspector Smith Jones (1)
# Joe (1)
# Mother (1)
# New old fashioned (1)
# ordinary world (1)
# Randy (1)
# Reunion (1)
# revelation (1)
# the key (1)
# The time (1)
# Violet (1)
# Wilma (1)

Son of Incogneato said...

Many thanks Rowena.
Second that motion on the tags. I'm going to go back and tag mine.

Rowena said...

When I was writing the previous post, I just got too confused and figured I'd better pin it down. So I worked it out, and thought I should share.

I tag the names of the characters, or other details that we might want to "research" in our writing... but I only do it occasionally. I think you are right and we should go back and try to tag our posts, or at least do it from now on. Why not utilize the organization we have at hand?

I have to do another family tree, no doubt. Have to add Bitsy, Sister Margaret, Grandpa Clive, Father Donohoe, Grandpa Charlie, Gideon Stone, Asst. DI Manders,... can anyone think of others who are not in the WHO/WHERE graphic?

Oh, and I have a tentative sketch of the layout of the Neptune, just waiting for the opportune moment to post.

I'm a visual learner folks, must have things sketched out for myself.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Just went back and tagged all my posts - great idea. Alice's famous sister also had a mention (maybe she's case history number two in the evolution of the miracle cream?)

Son of Incogneato said...

'After everything she'd been through, it was amazing she didn't turn out like her sister'

Sis is definitely a case history here, although which number is probably irrelevant; I’m thinking that Alice experimented on her yet unnamed sister with the ‘Stuff’. And sis’ll be wanting some major payback, don’t you think (hint, hint)?