Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ADMIN: Updated Family Tree

Inspector Monica Smith Jones aka Swotsy Mondy
Assistant D.I. Manders
Father Donohoe
Alice's Godmother
Gideon Stone
Frankie (the man stumbling down the street)

anybody I left out?

I believe I left out Rowena's mother, who lives with them in the trailer park. Wilma's best friend. I hope they have a double wide.... or as dwarves cane they put in a second level in their trailer? It could almost be a kind of hobbit hole on wheels.

I also left out Wilma's father, the Carnie. Clive Burke the first. Whom she named her son for.

*Octagenarian Billionaire


Misssy M said...
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Misssy M said...

Excellent work- can we assume that the carnie element of Wilma's family are called the Burkes then and that she used her maiden name after Bill left and gave it to Clive who then gave it to his son?

Well folks, the genre is clear. We are writing a Family Saga!

scarlet-blue said...

Thank you Rowena. I was getting a bit confused!

Indeed Misssy, a pot-boiling family saga spanning history...

Son of Incogneato said...

Nice job, Rowena.
We have created a monster.

JES said...

Rowena, wow. Just... wow.