Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Sex Scene (part 2)

"The sex scene only lasted 44 seconds, but he was a good snogger." Said Violet to Swotsy as they sat in their special place inside the nuclear reactor.
"I've heard it can be that way the first time, I've been reading Cosmopolitan in the Doctor's waiting room." Replied Swotsy.
"Oh Swots, was I expecting too much? Is that how it's supposed to be?"
"No Vi, I think it's supposed to be more like this...."


JES said...

I've got major reservations about the post I just followed this up with... might require another admin dust-up.

(There are other... candidates, let's say -- and certainly ones less risky. But this is the first one I thought of.)


scarlet-blue said...

Well it's okay with me.. I just sat sniggering in a childish way. It's not graphic and the bit at the end with the blood, ties in, I think.
It's tasteful.

JES said...

Love that response. Here I was, all what-about-the-children?, only to find out that a child would just sit sniggering. :)