Monday, December 29, 2008

His inhumanely beautiful eyes danced with the light of the burning flames.

"You have lost, my Giant Queen. We will conquer the world, my beautiful slaves and I."

The Captain spared no glance for the marauding vampires. "Fuck that," she said, and blew a hole through his head with a silver bullet. Then, she stepped up closer, and brought her second gun to bear... blowing what was left of his head to a fine mist of red.

His body slumped to the floor, and the blood frenzy throughout the room


Rowena said...

Anybody know what kind of gun could do that? I called it a pistol before, but just because I don't know what kind of gun would have that power.

BTW. He's dead.

JES said...

Well, there's the uber-shotgun that Linda Hamilton wielded in Terminator 2 -- the one that kept blasting gigantic silvery holes through the Robert Patrick cyborg's body and head. It could be a sawed-off here, but, umm, I just realized this mentions single (silver) bullets.

I dunno. Vampire-hunting weaponry has changed so much in the millennia since it was first trained on me. :)

scarlet-blue said...

Erm... yes I think he's very dead!!

Kate Lord Brown said...

We have a gun ...