Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Council of the Black Mask

That was when the girls learned about the terrible hunger the Black Mask incited in its daughters.

"No they are too young," Bitsy had argued before the council introduced the mask to Violet and Swotsy early that summer. And the council had nodded, knowing what a heavy price the mask demanded.

That was when Sister Margaret stood up.

This was the Black Council, and it was the one place that Sister Margaret could be free of the secrets that plagued her life.

"This is the only thing I have to give my daughter," her voice echoed in the suddenly quiet room. "For eighteen years I have had to hide the fact that I even bore a child. Even her name that I gave her has been forgotten for that ridiculous nick name. Swotsy Mondy." She spat on the floor in disgust. "I seduced Gideon Stone would be the answer to the blood price, but his blood and his seed was too weak. Magdalena was wrong."

Magdalena, Rowena's aged and still beautiful mother shook her head. "We were never sure about him. It was your own yearning, Margaret."

Sister Margaret frowned, and even that did not dissipate her loveliness. "Neither was that Bill the answer!" she spat.

"He was never the man that I thought he could be," Alice said. Then looked sister Margaret in the eye, "But I know that you still wanted to be chosen for him. Don't you deny it. You always wanted him, even when just a girl."

Margaret looked away.

"Bill was not the answer to our struggle," Magdalena said. "Wilma's son, Alice's son, and your secret daughter Swot-- Monica, they were the result of our risk. All for naught. The hunger remains for human blood. My prophecy was wrong and I am sorry for it. I must have misread the signs."

"But my son..." Alice said. "He could be the key!"

"We cannot depend on another man to remove the curse of the blood lust from the blessing of beauty. We must do this ourselves. The girls must be introduced, and the boy--"

Magdalena stood up. They all had to look down to see her, but that did not matter.
"The boy must leave," Magdalena said and the women of the council...


Rowena said...

If you read two versions of this, it's because I had to fix some serious inconsistencies. Wilma has not risen from the dead and Swotsy and Vi are not cousins, although the boys might like the kinky plot twist.

I repeat they are NOT cousins.

Swotsy is the secret daughter of Gideon Stone, the dwarf.

scarlet-blue said...

Oh my, Vamp-pires!

Kate Lord Brown said...

Brilliant! Like Buffy on Sea, or 'The Lost Girls'! Of course we now need a Buffy/Van Helsing ... or are the vampires the good girls ..?

JES said...

When Misssy returns from her sabbatical I hope she's wearing something to protect her eyes and brain cells.

From coven to dark cabal in the space of, what, a week...?

Rowena said...

Six of one, half dozen of the other.

I maintain that they are trying to get rid of the blood lust, so they can't be all bad.

And remember, Alice and her "bravery" before she died. Did she find the answer to the blood lust? Are they free of it now, or still hungering? Do they deny themselves blood as they ferry the dwarves to safety? Or is blood the price they ask for their help? And who are the dwarves fleeing from?

Anyone notice that I made Joe the "key?" Hehe.

Rowena said...

Oh shoot. I just was looking at the family tree. Violet and Swotsy ARE cousins.