Wednesday, December 3, 2008


That's right, Bill.

The guy who had started this whole mess before most of the current players were even born.

Bill, Joe's father. Bill. Clive's own father.

No one knew that Clive was Joe's older half brother. No one knew that Bill had left Clive's mom when she had born a baby who was a monster.

He rubbed the weight of the gun through the fabric.

When Bill had left Joe and his mom, and coming running back to Wilma and Clive, Clive couldn't take it. All he could think about was poor little Joe, all alone. Abandoned just like Clive had been.

That's why, as soon as he was old enough, he had moved to Little Hamptonpoint Valley, and befriended that lonely kid.

Now, he knew it was time for everything to come out and everyone to


Kate Lord Brown said...

Joe has a hunchback older brother? Clive needs to ask Rowena the answer ... live/art crossing over ... Thank goodness the characters are on a fictional Suffolk island - they're breaking loose!

JES said...

"Breaking loose": ha! Definitely feels like a case of the inmates running the asylum. :)